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How skyra.AI works

Our AI interrogates your data sources and builds an end-to-end flow representing how your agency does business.

01/ Connect Your Data Source
02/ Automate Your Processes
03/ Save Time and Grow

The skyra.AI Platform

skyra.AI will take your complex healthcare data and quickly create actionable insights. Data-driven decision-making has never been easier. Get your time back and boost efficiency by integrating multiple data sources into a unified mode through the skyra.AI Platform.

Application Marketplace

Applications are built to save time and help your teams focus on patient care and business growth. We are constantly adding new applications to the marketplace to help agencies do more with less.

Sales Insights
With Sales Insight, marketers and business development leaders can quickly see information about pending referrals, admission volume, non-admits, and volumes from key referral sources. Empower your team to have better conversations with referral sources using skyra.AI Sales Insights.
Control Tower

Control Tower helps administrators and agency leaders manage their business through key metrics and alerts. Say goodbye to hunting for insights or joining vast amounts of disconnected data–obtaining key analyses is faster than ever with Control Tower.

Ask Sky

Your personal AI assistant, Sky, understands post-acute care terms. Instead of waiting days for analysis, just ask Sky and get instant insights. This generative AI solution gives post-care operators rapid and accurate insights from their Electronic Medical Records (EMR) data.

Compliance Monitor

Our HIS Compliance Monitor helps hospice agencies avoid payment penalties by ensuring HIS submissions are timely and accurate. This automated tool saves time and reduces errors compared to manual monitoring.

Incentive Compensation
Creating a great sales incentive plan is important, but ensuring smooth administration and accurate payouts is equally crucial. With our automated platform, skyra.AI Sales IC, we can simplify this process, making it quick and easy for your organization.
Market Insights

By partnering with a third-party data provider, this application helps sales leaders develop impactful customer segmentation and loyalty scores. Market Insights measures referral source revenue contributions and market shares, so agency leaders can channel sales resources toward high-potential leads and grow their census.

Built for Home Health and Hospice

skyra.AI is meticulously crafted to support the unique demands of post-acute care providers. It streamlines data management and enhances security, freeing you to focus on delivering outstanding care. This tool empowers your team to make informed decisions, improve efficiency, and achieve exceptional patient outcomes, helping you thrive in a dynamic healthcare landscape.

skyra.AI Empowering Post-Acute Care. Are You Ready?

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